The Conjuring of Four

by Godless Angel

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    "The Conjuring of Four" is four song EP by Godless Angel, released in April of 2016.

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"The Conjuring of Four", by Godless Angel. 2016


released April 4, 2016

Godless Angel is:
Derek Neibarger - vocals and all instruments
Chrissy Neibarger - album and art concepts, colors and photography
All music by Derek Neibarger
All lyrics by Derek Neibarger and Chrissy Neibarger except track 4 by Chrissy Neibarger
Recorded and mixed at Sinister Sounds in Lawrence, Kansas between July 2015 and March 2016.
Thank you to all our fans, family, and friends for all your support!



all rights reserved


Godless Angel Lawrence, Kansas

Godless Angel is a one man death/thrash machine formed in the summer of 2012 by vocalist/guitarist/bassist Derek Neibarger in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Track Name: Twisting Chaos
the stillness
the ghostly calm betrays

the undead hue
of the rippling sky

the lungs of hell draw in

the jaws open wide
spiraling death
the roar of the beast
eviscerating the earth

sirens herald
the creeping death
darkness swallows hope whole
a demonic howl
glass rains down
refuge shattered and consumed

twisting chaos
panicked screams
the shelter splinters and explodes

clinging for dear life as vile tendrils claw and ravage and demolish turning walls into debris that tears like shrapnel through the air

crawling from beneath the remains
they find
nothing left behind but wreckage and despair
Track Name: The Worms are Eating Him Now
eyes sucumb to blindess
as dirt falls from above
the feculent taste of death fills his mouth

The clawing nails bleed raw
The sides are closing in
Screaming, Swearing, Spitting
Claustrophobia setting in...

Darkness and Dispair

Deteriorating air entombs his body and soul
Trapped in a nighmare

This wooden cage six feet undergound
buried by the enemy he never found
His soul will suffer eternally
His body will decay
He never wanted to live anyway

The murk of apathy swallows him whole

Buried Alive what a way to die
No ossuary No Requiem
No way to say goodbye
just suffering and decaying
the worms are eating him now

Walls tighening savagely around his soul
Dirt crackling in his ears
Deaf to everything except
Darkness and Dispair

Buried alive
Dying inside
No one can save him now
Buried alive
Dying inside
The worms are eating him now
Track Name: The Flames of Eternity
of watching
and waiting
and loathing

awakened from ancient slumber
under blood soaked soil

cinder claws emerge and ignite
drown dead roots in flame

it lumbers
grotesque, vile and ruinous

with hatred
for the ruiners of the sacred earth
blazing fist of the elder race

the deathless giant lurches forward
engulfed in the flames of eternity
descending upon the profane metropolis
immortal eyes burn with rage

the fiend unleashes
a rain of fire
scorching structures
torching the parasites

smoke as black as nightmares
hides the carnage from the sun

the concrete jungle
razed to the ground
the reaper stands silent
among the smoldering remains

the demon spawn
returns to the earth's embrace
to await the summoning
of vengeance cloaked in flame
Track Name: JawZ
a ghastly
birthed in the abyss
the shadow looms
a perverse
of the apex predator
impending doom

undead eyes
scour the gloom for prey
diseased of mind
compelled to consume boundless flesh

they gather like lambs to slaughter
frolicking as death draws near
overwhelmed by the stench of decay
screams of horror as the teeth sink in

wave after wave of blood
washes severed limbs ashore

a city paralyzed by fear
a waking nightmare
a deathless abomination
lurking near and ravenous

in desperation
the denizens flee
through a hellish sea of gore

closing in
with demon speed
gruesome jaws open wide

one by one they shatter, ripped to shreds
bodies spill into the black, ripped to shreds
spears and bullets pierce, the rotting flesh
still the undead horror charges relentlessly

only one remains
the ravaged monstrosity closes in for the kill
a nitrogen fireball
shreds the reanimated beast into a rain of blood

damaged and drifting towards a setting sun
the blood soaked survivors gasp in terror
hundreds of dorsal fins breaking the surface
and an overwhelming stench of decay