Harvester of Shadows

by Godless Angel

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released February 27, 2015

Godless Angel is:
Derek Neibarger – vocals and all instruments.
All Music by Derek Neibarger
Lyrics by Derek Neibarger and Chrissy Neibarger
Recorded at Sinister Sounds in Lawrence, Kansas between June 2014 and January 2015.

Artwork by Derek Neibarger

Thank you:
My wife Chrissy, you mean the world to me and I couldn’t have done any of this without you! Forrest, Andrea, Ashley and Kaylea for all your love and support! Dave and Brenda Goering for making this dream a reality, thank you so much! Joni Kantoneimi at Inverse, Islander at No Clean Singing, Lars Rasmussen, Nishanth Ks, Mo So Hu, Jack Janik, Kylee Harralson, Carl Adams, all my friends at Metalsucks, Forever Slain Zine, ArchivoMetal Chile, Antichrist Metalzine, Andy at MetalReviews, Paul Pannick at Sonic Asylum Radio/The Metalstorm, Metal Tavern Radio, Heretica Radio, Black Monday Radio, Zware Metalen, In The Now Magazine, Jean-Damien at Teethgrinder, Third Eye Cinema, Absinthia's Rock & Metal Show, TrueBringerOfDeathZine, Necromance Magzine, Lords of Metal, Eric/Technicyst Fix, anyone who has ever downloaded a Godless Angel song or album, and all my awesome fans!

This album is dedicated to my mom, June. We started this journey together and I love you and miss every single day.



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Godless Angel Lawrence, Kansas

Godless Angel is a one man death/thrash machine formed in the summer of 2012 by vocalist/guitarist/bassist Derek Neibarger in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Track Name: Containment Breach In Sector 6
trapped in stasis, lying dormant
the agonizing wait
drifting in formaldehyde
the malice, it ferments
witnessing the dissection
the loathing escalates
the callous mutilation of
the alien hostages
the sedative malfunctions
kinaesthesia returns
limbs once paralyzed
burn as nerves reanimate

fracturing it's chamber
and buckling the steel
the exoskeleton flexes as
death crawls free
a hyper violent frenzy
bodies flung like ragdolls
the screams of the dying
echo the strobe lit halls
by razor talon and fang
till the earth's rivers run red
brain matter coats the tiled walls
beaten to death with severed limbs
their cryogenic prisons shattered
the reapers from the stars descend
a slumbering metropolis
spread before hate filled eyes
the compromised satellites
transmit the final call to arms
Track Name: The Swarm Feeds
the frantic run through abandoned streets
the setting sun foretells creeping death
scrambling to barricade the doors and windows
against the swarm that rises as darkness falls
serrated claws
lacerate the concrete
acid froth
disintegrates the steel
a radioactive abomination
mutated vermin demon spawn
possessed by the urge to kill
ruinous vile cannibal horde
movement in the darkness
just beyond the torchlight
a dizzying sea of red eyes
locked onto their helpless prey

screams rupture the silence
fangs rip and tear the flesh
with relentless savagery
the swarm feeds
Track Name: Samhain
through the underbrush
by the lust for blood
the hatchet
glistening in the moonlight
labored breath
under a soiled mask
the heinous monster in the shadows
watching, waiting, feverish
masks of innocence on the children
muffle their dying screams
candy scattered in the darkness
the wail of sirens drawing near
consumed by this hunger for violence
the demon unleashes...
the face beneath the mask
a veil of twisted scars
cold and vacant eyes
seeking only death
Track Name: Suffering The Wrath Of The Goddess
whispers in the darkness
the solitude
feeds the dread
in my mind
earthen ancient voices
for this mortal shell
they move beneath
in vile unison
across the forest floor
sinister coils
deadly and savage
explode from the soil
vines like whips
clench and strangulate
branches like claws
rip flesh from limb
the howling winds
drown the cries for help
the pouring rain
washes away the remains
Track Name: Summoning Darkness
trembling hands laid upon the planchette
shadows menacing the candlelight
sandalwood morphs into sulfur
the wind whispers in the tongues of the damned
some doors should never be opened
something wicked this way comes
foolishly uttering the incantation
invoking an ancient malevolence
summoning darkness from the abyss
grasping the consequences all too late
nefarious gloom corrupts the light
and destructive
draining the life from the conduit
icy spectral fingers embrace
the aged and crumbling board
reconstructing the inscriptions, the artifice restored
the wretched spawn slumbers once more
Track Name: Beneath The Skin
awakened from a tortured slumber
a haunting rain falls eerily
descending to the floor convulsing
as the sickness bares it's fangs
like maggots crawling
beneath the skin
the putrid slithering
that shreds sanity
ripping the clothes from
diseased and burning skin
a maddening
relentless itch like
claws that gash the nerves
tearing through the infected membrane
fingers claw the poisoned flesh
lightning exposes the lunacy
as blood spatters the walls
mutilating this wretched shell
Track Name: To Shred The Soul
torchlight floods the catacombs
centuries of dust and death
concealed beneath the veil of webs
inscriptions forewarning
descending to the murky depths
where the blackest shadows dwell
phantoms lurking in the darkness
slumbering evil opens it eyes
a mortal walks amongst the endless
a glimmer of life in the land of the dead
the grave
ancient stonework cracks and crumbles
with netherworldly impetus
the foulest stench of demon's breath
the baneful glow of it's stare
from the abyss
upon paralyzed prey

wings extend
jaws open wide
fangs bared
to shred the soul
Track Name: Disemboweling The Deranged
ripped asunder
the sky bleeds rain
the lightning answers
the thunder's call
the twisting road
through cursed woods
to wrought iron gates
that moan torment
lights flicker endlessly
cries echo abandoned halls
pleas unanswered
as dark descends
a vile monstrosity
within the shadows lurks
emerging only
to terrorize the insane
trapped in their padded cells
paralyzed by the creature's glare
claws shred the straight jackets
disemboweling the deranged
from their tortured sleep
to the dying screams
of the first to feel the wrath of the beast
walls drenched in arterial spray
cries spat through blood filled throats
entrails strewn on tiled floors
as the hellspawn carves a path of destruction
the limp bodies of the orderlies
eviscerated and torn in two
bloody remains of security guards
faces frozen in horror
the sun rises
on a massacre
the stench of decay
fills the air
all life extinguished
only ghosts remain
the demon retreats
into the abyss