Dying Dead Undead Unholy

by Godless Angel

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released May 24, 2014

Derek Neibarger: vocals and all instruments.
Music by Derek Neibarger. Lyrics by Derek Neibarger and Chrissy Neibarger.
Artwork by Derek Neibarger.
Recorded between December 2013 and April 2014 at Sinister Sounds in Lawrence, Kansas.



all rights reserved


Godless Angel Lawrence, Kansas

Godless Angel is a one man death/thrash machine formed in the summer of 2012 by vocalist/guitarist/bassist Derek Neibarger in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Track Name: Extermination of the Human Parasite
carving a path through the mountains of dead
skulls crushed and broken beneath
an armored demon
harbinger of the end
the gore splattered blade that rips through the flesh
chain guns that spit red hot death
relentless slaughter
rivers of blood in it's wake

clawed tread tearing
limbs strewn about the battlefield
the cries of the dying
impaled on the horns of the beast

black clouds choke out the sun
the metallic reaper screams
and merciless
a blood stained steel goliath
a soulless mass murder machine
of the human parasite

dark god of mechanical warfare
200 tons of rolling death
hellbent on annihilation

mankind's armies laid to waste
Track Name: Feeding the Abyss
malicious sabotage
stranding the prey
isolated and alone

the fear escalates
as darkness falls
shadows come to life

clenching the noose
licking the blade
the bloodlust starts to rise

a fetish for pain
feeding the abyss
relentless urge to kill

the weakest stumble and fall behind
into the cold and black embrace
first blood spilt through muffled screams
the mouth of hell opens wide

running scared like lambs to slaughter
crashing blindly through the darkness
tangled in a bed of barbed wire
cold steel slashing through raised fingers

meat hooks through
eye sockets
dragging the
limp carcass
laid rotting
last caress
on this altar
of madness
Track Name: Death Descending
bloodied hands rip the gates asunder
the shadow of the beast among the dead
the demon lurking in the darkness
godless and savage beast of prey
broken bodies scattered in the marshland
howls of sorrow pierce the night
fanged hellion of ancient folklore
no longer cloaked in myth and shadow

streets erupt in chaos
the black nightmare thrashes blindly
bloodshed and carnage
as the beast carves a path of horror
flaming eyes not wavering
from the stone monolith that rises
to the beckoning sky
and the blood moon summoning malevolence

clawing it's way to death and rebirth
shedding it's skin over a sea of torches
the hellspawn howls and spreads it's wings
death descending the feeding begins
Track Name: Dying Dead Undead Unholy
chained to the altar of roots drenched in blood
flies swarm the heads piled below
mountains of corpses that burn hellish red
hounds mutilate the rotting flesh

fanged henchmen leading the damned by the spear
past rows of the gutted and hanged
the devil moon casting it's sinister gaze
the executioner heaves blood soaked steel

the necromancer
over souls cast to the abyss
clutching the head
of the bastard priest
the conjurer calls to the void

bled wrists carved in satanic scripture
dying dead undead unholy
charred skin baring the mark of the beast
dying dead undead unholy

maggot ridden lumbering horror
legions under black magic's command
a re-animated horde unleashed
to do the bidding of the wicked

villages razed in the dark of night
heinous slaughter of innocents
new recruits to hells infantry
the sun rises on the fall of man